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Coming soon - self-hypnosis, pain management and more


Thank you for dropping by. Pull up a beach chair and let's gaze out to sea together.

At the moment there are a few hypnotic meditations available.

Feel free to share your ideas for courses though the link below.

Hypnotic Meditation

When you meditate you ‘are’ and you open out
When you are in hypnosis you ‘are’ and you focus in
When you are in hypnotic meditation you just ‘are’
Meditation = flowing out – in the zone
Hypnosis = flowing in – in the zone
Hypnotic meditation = flow – in the zone
By blending them you can enter the flow-zone

I am a hypnotherapist, lifestyle/holistic coach, speaker and meditation guide. I have been called a mystic, witch, muse and all work for me.

I bobble about in the left-brain logical, medically inclined camp and the right-brain creative, esoterically inclined field. This means I am equally happy discussing neuroplasticity with a doctor as talking about soul retrieval with a shaman. Or, talking abut Fortune 500 business strategies while reading Runes.

My default hippy setting has a tendency to the woo so if talk of energy, chakras and the like jiggle you then I am not your girl.

I love hearing from people so please feel free to get in touch.

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