Mental Detox

Hypnotic Mental Detox


This nifty little chill-out is the supreme power-nap. When you listen to this you will enjoy a bundle of inner peace and positivity. Let those yummy endorphins flow through you while you rest.

The benefits of detox are well documented. Less known are the benefits that are brought about from mental detoxing. This Hypnotic Meditation is a deep relaxation that enables a mental, emotional and therefore physical detox, leaving you refreshed.

The techniques shared in this meditation cleanse all levels of your being to free you from negativity and dissolve away damage that stress causes. Stress chemicals: left unchecked, lurk in our minds and bodies and can cause anxieties, pain, frustration and an assortment of other symptoms.

The effects continue after you have finished listening to your hypnotic meditation and are readily repeated through further listening.

This meditation is ideal for anyone who is starting a new venture or wants motivation or a confidence boost. It clears away all unwanted emotional and mental baggage that you might be carting about to create a clarity in mind, body and spirit.

It is not necessary for you to be stressed to benefit from this recording and regular power-napping using this meditation will enhance your health and general well-being.

Your hypnotic meditation is a perfect 20 minutes long.  

What's Here

Barbara Ford Hammond

I am a hypnotherapist, lifestyle/holistic coach, speaker and meditation guide. I have been called a mystic, witch, muse and all work for me.

I bobble about in the left-brain logical, medically inclined camp and the right-brain creative, esoterically inclined field. This means I am equally happy discussing neuroplasticity with a doctor as talking about soul retrieval with a shaman. Or, talking abut Fortune 500 business strategies while reading Runes.

My default setting has a tendency to the woo so if talk of energy, chakras and the like jiggle you then I am not your girl.