Successful Golf With The Mind

Hypnosis for your Mind Game of Golf


This hypnotic meditation will enable you to enhance your mind game of golf.

Habits and negative attitudes are stored in the subconscious; to make changes it needs to happen on that level. The mind game is as important as any club selection or coaching. Being uncluttered, clear with a focused mindset is the aim.

Patterns of behaviour can disrupt your golf; bad habits or a defect in your drive for instance are hard wired and need to be addressed in the subconscious.

Many golfers who are trapped in a negative cycle often find a change of mindset rather than a change of equipment is the answer.

This meditation has been designed to work by inducing a light trance and working through its exercises enables you to create your perfect round.

An added bonus is that stress is reduced and self-esteem rises resulting in an overall boost to health and well-being.  

Your meditation is about 20 minutes long.

As Marc Hayton of Foxhills Luxury Resort and Golf Club, Ottershaw, Surrey says, “You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own sitting room to practise these techniques that will greatly improve your golf.”

What's Here

Barbara Ford Hammond

I am a hypnotherapist, lifestyle/holistic coach, speaker and meditation guide. I have been called a mystic, witch, muse and all work for me.

I bobble about in the left-brain logical, medically inclined camp and the right-brain creative, esoterically inclined field. This means I am equally happy discussing neuroplasticity with a doctor as talking about soul retrieval with a shaman. Or, talking abut Fortune 500 business strategies while reading Runes.

My default setting has a tendency to the woo so if talk of energy, chakras and the like jiggle you then I am not your girl.

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